Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shower for Little Kris

Friday night Amelia and Fee hosted a small get together (I pretty much just participated--they did all the work) for Little Kris.  It was a lot of fun!
The table, Amelia and Fee, Penn and Kris; things were just getting underway.


  1. You have a lovely family. Great photo of you, too! Looks like everyone had a fine time.

  2. Rian, Little Kris has been almost a third daughter for about 17 years, often spending Thanksgiving and/or Christmas with us when she didn't have enough time off to go home. She has been a wonderful friend to Amelia.

    In fact, all of those young women are like family and have been such a great support system for each other.

    It was a wonderful evening...even if I did have a bit too much wine!


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