Monday, July 19, 2010

Mama's Got...

A BRAND NEW BAG!  And Debby, it's ORANGE!

  While at Fairway Gifts waiting for Little Kris' gift to be wrapped, I couldn't help looking around a bit.  Bet I opened and closed and pulled out the handle 15 times before the bag just jumped into my arms and begged me to take its orange-self home. 

Perfect for travel because it rolls and has ample room inside for my new Kindle (when it arrives) or a computer or books or whatever...and it ROLLS.  Did I mention that?  Amelia, did I tell you that it ROLLS?

Then to the library to get some more books.  Still haven't finished Citizens of London, so I renewed it and a found some good escape reads to keep me busy.
I don't like the way Lucy is eying my new orange bag...

Oops...I never posted this on Friday as I intended.


  1. Dang, that bag is perfect!

    and the girls are so pretty at the party!

  2. WoooHooooooooo! =-) That is GORGEOUS! And it ROLLS!!!! It looks so nice and roomy and snazzy and it ROLLS...=-) Man, I could sure use one like that for my carry-on needs... Hey! I have a brand new bag, too...of ORANGE yarn! =-) I'm waiting on the pattern, then I can start on the sweater I want to make out of it...Doubtful that it will get worn this year but at least I can be working on it when it's the right season...cuz it will take me at least that long...I do love your bag, yes indeed =-) Debby

  3. Me again...I've been surfing the web, I may have to get me one of those bags. I found them in several places =-) Another thing I forgot to mention: Is that a new Richard Jury that I was unaware of?? I have been hiding on the hill for too could I have missed that??

  4. Debra - I think I'm going to love this bag. My Kindle fits in so nicely, room for my camera, perfect for traveling!

    :) "Our girls" are a good-lookin' bunch, aren't they?

    Debby - Knew you'd like the color, and it won't be easy to misplace. I want to see your new one!

    Yes,a new Richard Jury! Finished it last night, and it was good. Another child for Jury to charm, Mungo the dog is back, a new dog and some new cats, and Melrose Plant!


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