Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tattoo Heads

I started playing with a little head made from some a left-over portion of a Styrofoam ball and a dried sheet of an Equate wipe (I use these to clean my hands when I've too much paper clay adhering to them) to see how well clay would stick to the sheet.   I painted the head red, then gold.  It was never going anywhere because it was oddly shaped and had little folds of the paper fabric sticking out in the back. 

So I started playing with designs on the head and liked the way it was looking.  Doodling on the face was fun; I've always loved to doodle.

Maybe tattoos would be a good idea for the "wire head" that had been sitting around not knowing what he should be.

Evidently this was exactly what the little fella' wanted, and he has progressed to paper clay feet and leggings, torso and hands, and a cloth body.  He will have a gathered skirt costume as he is a whirling dancer, but I can't find just the right fabric in my stash.

The cloth body in the lower right of the picture is for my "grandmotherly" doll, but I don't know if I'm happy with the torso, which is a little short.  It may not matter, since it will be covered by her clothing.  I also punched a hole in her ankle, and I'm going to have to mend that and maybe make stockings that would cover it...or make a new leg.  And a new torso.  Or not.  :)


  1. Thanks, jude! The little man says, they are symbols, not doodles, but I don't know what they mean.


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