Thursday, June 24, 2010


My friend Thomas sent me this palindrome. The message reads one way from top to bottom and the opposite way from bottom to top. Very effective!

Two nice things happened today to help combat the awful heat: we had our ac unit replaced (ahhh, immediate relief), then it rained! We needed the rain desperately, especially with temperatures reaching over 100 degress; so our lawn has been watered and it has cooled down considerably.


  1. I love this palindrome. It is always inspiring and so hopeful. Thanks for posting it, I think it's time to send it around again! =-) Hey! Yay on the rain!!! =-) Isn't it so refreshing after a long, hot dry spell...I'm looking forward to some rain when I get to NY next week...I'm sure there will be some but I hope not on the 4th of July =-)

  2. Debby, I hadn't seen this one before, but I think it's great!

    Yes, we needed the rain, and it WAS refreshing.

    How was the cruise?

  3. sueboll@bellsouth.net6/25/2010 8:37 AM

    So cool! I need to send this to my kids. Glad y'all got the rain you need, it's been on and off over here but so hot. We get wet from perspiring when we work outdoors for anything! Looking forward to seeing what your tattoo man will choose to wear!

  4. It is supposed to be 96 today, but that is better than 101 and all the humidity. I know what you mean about the humidity more than the heat that make everything so terribly uncomfortable.

    :) The little man has decided to give it some thought and to give me a rest for a while. I put him in time out!

  5. I think about you every time I'm tempted to start whining about the "heatwave" that's been peaking in the mid-80's. Glad you have a new AC unit and it's helping you unwind from the spiking temps!

  6. ACey, the new unit is such a relief. Being able to sleep comfortably at night is wonderful!


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