Friday, June 04, 2010

Freaky Friday

I believe in Global Warming.  It seems to be warmer and warmer, earlier and earlier.  We are also below average in rainfall around here, although we did get a shower yesterday with a few tenths of an inch.  Lately, the temps have been in the mid to high 90's, and Sunday's prediction is 98.  Add the heat index and our high humidity, and that is pretty miserable.  They are already issuing all those warnings about keeping hydrated and watching for heat exhaustion...and it isn't even July, which is when we usually hear that sort of thing.

Looks like a Long, Hot Summer is in store for us.

Tomorrow is the opening of the Farmer's Market.  I'm trying to buy more organic produce, especially after seeing that some of our favorite fruits and vegetables have such high levels of pesticide residue.  I've written about this before, but each new list is discouraging.  The very things we need for healthy life styles, are often the highest is residual poisons.  Here is another list that includes the highest and lowest pesticide counts.  Fortunately, some of my favorites are in the low count list.

I move from one project to another.  Yesterday: more arms and legs for the "what lies within" figures, a little progress on some heads.  Today: must clean and organize the studio again because it gets so messy and chaotic with my moving from cloth to clay and back again.  

This elderly woman has been hanging around for about a month.  Here, she has a draping of cheesecloth over her head.
Then, I painted her head black and perched a pointy cap on her head for a couple of weeks.

Monday, I began painting her and decided on hair.  Now, she needs a body and some clothes.  Trying to decide which vintage fabrics to use for her;  maybe the torn and tattered pink with lace or the wrinkled fabric from an old satin pillow cover.  She is emerging into quite a different personality each time I play with her.

Her eyes are uneven, and I didn't handle her wrinkles very well, but I learn a little with each attempt.

Oops, the library books are overdue again!  Better take care of that today.

Have a creative weekend!


  1. I feel the same way about global warming. It is already so hot here (although not as hot as where you are). I feel so bad for my friend who is pregnant and due at the beginning of September. She should get extra points for being pregnant during the hottest months of the year!

    Here's a cute card that has the dirty dozen on it:

  2. Pregnancy during the summer is always tough, but with hotter summers even worse. Thanks for the link, the cheat sheet is both funny and useful!


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