Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cat, Trims, Wardrobe Decisions

Edgar is letting Lucy have her way with him.  She's nipping his neck. 
Usually, Edgar takes the top layer of the tower, Lucy gets the next, and Stinker gets the bottom ledge.  Sometimes, however, Edgar shares his perch.  A benevolent dictator, that Edgar.

Yesterday, I planned all my errands with the hope that time and proximity would allow me a visit to Discount Fabrics.  The last two stops were the library and the post office;  I checked my watch, and yes, I had time!

 I picked up a few sample cuts, but didn't buy any fabric.  Then I began looking at the trims, some of which were as much as $17 and $25 a yard...the fabric is definitely discounted, but the trims are not.  The ones I was interested in were in the $7-8 dollar range for the most part.  I decided on a couple and went to have some 1/2 yard cuts because I thought they'd be good for doll clothing. 

The lady at the cutting table asked if I'd looked at the remnants.  Duh!  No, I hadn't.  She showed me all these little plastic bags of remnants, and I quickly chose several that I couldn't have afforded otherwise.  Little bags of very short cuts (all I'd really need) for $1-5.  The ones I liked best were $3 or less, and several were only $1!
Now, I'll have to find ways to use them all, and above are only a few of the packets, and the pictures don't do these beautiful trims justice.

My tattoo man has refused 3 (THREE!) skirts that I've made for him.  We are going to have another little discussion today.  I'm not sure he realizes that when I made him, I didn't intend for his body to show--truthfully, I'm not sure he realizes I made him

He is right about the skirts, though; none of them suited him, but we really need to figure out an attire we can both agree on.

Speaking of wardrobes, I definitely need to get some summer apparel.  My summer things are fine for the house, but not so good for getting out.  I need some nice casual things without any paint on them!


  1. I'm worried about Tattoo Man...he is getting a little controlling and persnickety...haha! I am going through a summer wardrobe crisis, myself. I picked up some capris at The Gap outlet on the weekend and some tops yesterday at Macy's...I am always overly casual, I am afraid...but comfy!

  2. :[ I agree, he is getting a bit persnickety. He's in time out for a while!

    I'm casual to the point of shabby at the moment, but hate shopping. The last couple of years, I've worn mostly yoga clothes which are most- wonderful-comfy, but it has gotten to the point that all my regular casual clothes are worn out, stained, etc.

    I have 2 pair of capris that function for just about everything! I've picked out some things on line, but will probably have to send half of them back.

    Comfy is always the key!

  3. I think Tattoo Man looks great in his current body!

  4. Thanks, Debra! At this rate, it might be as good as it gets!

  5. Such adorable kitties. I love Tattoo man,,, and had to giggle toward the end of your post when you mentioned he has refused 3 skirts.. LOL I'm looking forward to seeing the agreed atire!!!

  6. Cats are so entertaining, aren't they? Our three are all siblings, but in size and personality, each one is so different.

    I finally figured out what the Tattoo man wanted. He thinks I'm a little slow on the uptake, but he seems content now that he has all his accessories.


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