Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Vintage

Here are some of Friday's purchases in more detail:

How often to you come across a tag that says "Free"?  The fabric is so sheer, the work so delicate.

Aren't they lovely?  A couple of the ones with gorgeous lace were originally $8.50 a piece, but all of them were on for half price!


  1. What are you planning for these lovelies?

  2. Originally, I was looking for pieces in very bad condition to cut up, but only the tattered gown is in really bad shape (except for the sleeves), the others have a few stains and/or small tears. For a while at least, I'm just going to enjoy their beauty!

  3. this is a wonderful cache! Plus the prices cause a second wave of gloating, right?

  4. When I got ready to check out and was told that the handkerchiefs were 1/2 price, I said, "Hold on I'll be right back" and ran back to the linens and picked up a couple of the more expensive ones! Oh, yes, I'm still gloating on the prices!


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