Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucy Stalks Bunny

Well, not exactly.Lucy was driven nuts the other morning when this bunny decided to taunt her, but she was inside, and bunny was outside.
Making another mess!


  1. You are just having too much messy fun =-) Love the bunny! We have a gazillion of them on our property...the grandcat sits on the back of the chair by the window every afternoon/evening and watches and squirms in frustration as they devour our grass...poor baby...but we hardly ever have to mow! haha!

  2. Jude - Bunnies and birds were put on this earth to torment Lucy! She yowls like a banshee!

    Debby - Such cute lawnmowers! I have to protect young plants from them, but after they grow a bit they must lose their flavor, and the bunnies go to the grass.


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