Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Girls and Cats and Musical Inspiration

Another visit from Bryce Eleanor!  We will be keeping her each Tuesday night.  Right now, Amelia and Chris are enjoying a date night on Tuesdays, which is really nice because he will be leaving for Iraq on May 29.  Amelia has a class on Photo Shop at LSU-S scheduled for Tuesday nights during the summer months. 
 Edgar (with Stinker being unusually curious in right corner) loves Bryce Eleanor's feet and toes.
Edgar, always curious, doesn't let B.E. get too far away. 

I've found the most fascinating site:  Sound & Spirit.  I've just listened to Ellen Kushner narrate the episode on Bells.  Wonderful!  You really should check this out! 

Now, I'm listening to her on Aging.  The programs are all a combination of research and music on each of the topics.  It is carried on several NPR stations, but not our local one, so I'm delighted to have found it!


  1. What a sweetie..and I love her name...Bryce..just beautiful.

    Great curious and cute!

    Amelia and Chris' Tuesdays sound great and how sweet of you to keep her Gramma :)I'm sure you love it!

    Thank you so very much for your sweet comments on Ladye Dorset :) and for stopping by to say hello..I love having you over for tea :)

    *Adding you to my blogs I follow list.*


  2. :) Thanks, Doreen-- I'm a typically besotted grandma with typically marvelous grandkids!

    Thanks for the tea, and I had a wonderful visit. You do such wonderful work!

  3. Cute pictures! Lucky grandma.
    I keep my little GD quite often too, so I'm not complaining of course!

  4. Grands are terrific, aren't they? I like keeping B.E. once a week--enough time to stay closely in touch, to watch her grow, to enjoy her energy, but not enough to wear me out completely!


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