Sunday, May 30, 2010

Link Love & Crafty Vase

Ellen Benson's MOMPIECE mixed media pieces crack me up!  Remember all of the axioms we heard as children--like "Don't Go Out Without a Coat," "Eat Your Dinner, There Are Children Starving in China," and "When You Grow Up, I Hope You Have Children Just Like You"?  Benson has a whole series of hilarious interpretations in necklace form made from found objects.

Also like   5 Reasons to Sew by Hand by annekata.   

I saw a tutorial over at Make the Best of Things for stylizing a plain glass vase.  Decided to try it with one of mine.  She used hot glue, (I may use that next time) but I used paper clay to make the design.

A couple of process pics, then the finished vase.  Didn't taake a picture when I painted it with gesso.
      I like it much better than the clear glass. 


  1. Hey, look what you did! How clever! Thanks for giving me props for the hot glue/tissue process, I think your idea would work for alot of neat dimensional designs, too. And I love paperclay, so I will have to try this! Your vase came out really well.

  2. Thanks! I think it is a great idea and plan to make more eventually, so thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!


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