Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Do You Contain the Thread?

Over the years, I've admired such creative, colorful, and cheerful thread-catchers on different blogs.  I use a plastic bag.  Shameful.  Despite my good intentions, I never get around to making one of my own.

Here is a great tutorial for a thread-catcher, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to making myself one soon.

How about you?  Do you have a thread-catcher?  If so, why don't you take a picture and share a link with us?


  1. I have one just like that. My old guild in CA makes them and sells them. I made my own, however. I like the colors that I used. It is a really great tool.

  2. Hah! I use a tissue (Kleenex) box. A cute tissue box, but a tissue box all the same.

  3. Maybe I should make one of these. I use a small basket, but I must admit that most of my thread ends up on the floor...

  4. What a great tutorial. The clothesline idea is something I've never seen. My suggestion for the pincushion though, is to use "clumping" style kitty litter. I use it in all my pincushions and then you wouldn't need the weights. Lynne

  5. Gerrie - They are useful, aren't they? I often regret my lack of one when the thread ends up on the floor and on my projects.

    Rian - The tissue box is a good idea, too. I may use that for keeping those metallic and pretty embroidery threads that I save!

    Francoise - The thread on the floor bothers me less than discovering the thread on ME when I'm out in public! Covered in thread and cat hair...what a derelict.

    Lynne - I've heard of using kitty litter for weighting things down, but never tried it. There is, however, plenty available around here!

  6. I must admit I wish I had something like that... ;)

  7. I love using a piece of batting. When it gets full, I just fold it up and throw it away.

  8. ger - It is nice, isn't it? You could do one with your signature quiet, serene, monochromatic colors and text! Now that would be a pleasure to use!

    paula - I've done that, too. Thread loves batting!


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