Monday, May 03, 2010

Found Objects

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I made some progress on a couple of projects and cleaned and re-organized my studio.  The studio re-organization & clean-up took most of Saturday, but supplies, workspace, etc. are better arranged and more convenient.  I also found my old inkwells, alphabet blocks, snowman, and Chinese snuff bottle -- and a few more things that had not yet been unpacked.

Today is beautiful; the kind of day for playing outside.  Hope there will be some time for that later, but first, a looong "to do" list.


  1. I'm still working on mine. I got the bookshelves empty and books into boxes so I could move the cases and weed out the books, and then also put together one of the 2 big cupboards yesterday that I'm putting in there. Today I have to go get an extension cord with a flat plug cuz the outlet is behind where the 2nd cupboard will go. I am excited, this is going to completely change my workspace. Hope I can get it nearly done before we leave on our cruise...cuz I go to NY after we get back...

  2. Debby - :) I just got mine so I could have a sewing space, a cutting space, and a space for working with clay and paint. It is more efficient, but is still not completely organized.

    I hope you get finished before you leave, because it takes a while to get used to where you've put things. If you leave in the middle, be sure and label, or if you're like me, you'll forget where you efficiently stored stuff!

  3. Lovely set of photos... is the beige+blue thing in the second one a pincushion...?

  4. Ger - Thanks. Could easily be a pincushion and may now become one; it's a little chicken made from an old quilt block that I bought at a flea market years ago.


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