Thursday, May 06, 2010


Some of my favorites lately:

* this wonderful series for a journal quilt from With Blueberry Heart

Can't wait to see the finish!
* baby quilt and shower gifts from lovely little handmades

* more baby quilts at The Quilting Cat 
 It was hard to pick my favorite, but these little owls are SO cheerful.  OK, so were her frog quilt and her cat and dog quilt and...

Anyway, I love all of the above.  They make me happy!


  1. They are all such fun prints. My grandma used to make crazy quilts out of left over scrap patches that always looked amazing

  2. Aren't they fun? Some people are so creative with their quilting!

  3. Thanks so Much Jenclair, a dream come true... my journal quilt one of your favorites, how fantastic.

  4. I especially like the one on top with the sweet. One could get carried away with adding embroidery on it.
    Thanks for the warm welcome back.

  5. ale - I appreciate your letting me share these!

    Art4Sol - I've been watching Ale's journal blocks for some time now and love the series concept of the dogs and the moon!

    Glad to see you back in the blogging world!


Good to hear from you!