Sunday, May 30, 2010

Circus Figure

Lilly Joined the Circus...
I left her bald for the longest time (unsure if she was male or female), but now she is female if still a bit androgynous.  She's sitting on  one of the old typewriter ribbon tins I bought recently.  Edgar loves her hair!

     I played around with her image and liked the way the hair looks in this version.
I counted 11 WIPs and decided that I'd finish a couple that were almost done anyway, and then begin whittling away at the rest.   One Down!


  1. That is really cute. OMG, I wish I only had 11 WIPs. Last count (where I stopped counting) was over 50. LOL

  2. I'm with Edgar...she's totally fabulous and I can't stop staring at that wonderful hair, either!

  3. Stephanie - I only counted doll WIPs, not fabric. That would be too scary!

    Rima - Thanks, I'm improving a little at a time, but having such fun!

    Michele - Thanks, Michelle! All those novelty yarns have come in handy, time and time again!

  4. Very cute! Such a happy creation!

  5. Thanks! I think the colors are happy!

  6. i love the winking mystery and the spring neck. she is wonderful! the hair too--- ok. what is not to love :)

  7. Thanks, Whosies! She's a mischievous little character... :)


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