Monday, May 03, 2010

Blue With a Touch of Orange

A little more progress on this project.  Tediousness in the wardrobe department!

The orange thread is for another project, but I needed to break up all the blue.

I've paid bills, balanced my checkbook, filled out some forms for automatic bank draft on utilities, and cleared most of the stuff from my desk.  Yea!  I feel much better.

Off to yoga!


  1. So cute! Love the details on her dress and the little boots too!

  2. Miniatures always thrill me. Love the doll dress and so on...

  3. OfficeType - Thanks! A few more details, and she will be finished. She's been hanging around for close to a month now because I kept coming to a standstill after each addition.

    Connie - Thanks, doll couture is a finicky task, and I never mastered human couture!


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