Friday, May 21, 2010

bits and bobs

Here are some shots of bits and bobs from yesterday and this morning.  I used "tinsel glitter" on the papier mache cat head and like the furry look.

I got a few errands done this morning, then stopped by Counter Culture for an Avocado Delight which I brought home for a quick lunch.  Boy, I love those sandwiches.  Finished a few household chores and put in another load of laundry.

Then I was out again with the intention of finishing up everything that needed to be done.

It didn't work out that way, however, because stopping by one of the antique shops on my route, I discovered different vendors all over the parking lot.  (Glad the bank was one of my first errands because it meant cash-on-hand.)

I bought several things from the outside vendors before even entering the shop.  This was one of those days when several items just seemed to insisting on leaving with me: the most expensive was less than $4.50 and the cheapest was marked "free."  Nice!

Ended up coming home again, resting, and gloating.

Now, I still have to go the grocery store and pick up my prescriptions before calling it a day.  Then, since Fee won't be home, I'm planning on pop corn and movies for the evening.

Have a great weekend, yall!

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