Saturday, May 08, 2010

Almost time to get ready for the 10:00 yoga class, but it is such a beautiful morning, I've been reluctant to come in from the garden.

Yesterday's work:
Finished the bird poppet/wand.  The bird itself is all papier mache (French for chewed paper!) The little "hilt" on the end is paper clay with beads.  Bunny poppet is almost finished...

Yesterday, however, I also indulged in the messiness of more papier mache and experiments with armature.  Oh, and needle-sculpting cloth heads, which was a mixed success.

:) Most of what I do is a mixed success.  Experimenting, experimenting, experimenting...

I love having "a room of my own" (kudos Virginia), even though I spread to the rest of the house at times.  My little studio up the stairs is a haven for playing and experimenting with all of my projects.

ACey had an interesting post about inventorying and hoarding.  Loved this line about those who are able to keep their possessions to a minimum, "Let it be known that If I were that sort of person I'm sure I'd be the biggest everything-I-own-fits-inside-a-single-thimble zealot around."   But ACey is definitely not the sort  who can fit her treasures in a single thimble.

The post speaks to me because I, too, have all kinds of little treasures that are perfectly useless, unappreciated, and unimportant to anyone but me!

Are you a collector?  Of fabric, ephemera, embellishments, art, quilts, etc.?  How does your collection grow?  Do you inventory?


  1. Oh my, NO, I never inventory..that would be too scary! I seem to collect it all...fabric, yarn, beads, buttons, vintage postcards, books, whatever catches my eye and imagination at the time... How does it grow? Um, constantly..though I am determined that it will all be contained in the one room. There has been good progress in that lately...but it does entail some cold-hearted weeding out. Right now I am purging the bookcase of unused quilting books...eBay here I come...

  2. I don't think I'd be doing any of this, or have written such a post, if we weren't moving in the near future. During past moves I didn't sort and cull ahead of time because I thought (even though this never played out as an accurate concept I still kept thinking it would) I'd consider it a delightful surprise (rather than monotonous donkey work and ultra frustrating) to open up box after box without being very sure what I'd find inside of it. Now I'm focused on knowing, primarily, which boxes I can avoid unpacking for awhile and which ones hold contents that will be most soothing to my soul & emotions.

  3. Debby - I sort of inventory when I'm looking for something in particular, but not otherwise. When you can weed things out, they are no longer treasures, and I did a lot of that in December before we moved. I do try to contain myself to my studio, but there are beads and embroidery stuff by my reading chair, too.

    Keep working on your organization, girl. You've accomplished a lot already!

    ACey - I culled a great deal during our December move, but thank goodness, I wasn't too relentless, because some things that hadn't been used for a while are now very useful to have.

    Moving is a great motivator for discovering what still matters! Sometimes it takes time to make the decisions, but love the idea of knowing which boxes hold the things "soothing to [your] soul & emotions." I had a great many of those boxes and most of them went into my sewing room!

  4. I think I am getting to the point where I feel like getting rid of most of it. It's just over the top and I like the new direction I am taking out of the studio-more active and less concerned with accumulating and then obligated to do something with it. I've been cleaning out all kinds of closets and the studio is the last frontier.

    BTW, enjoying the yoga!

  5. I'm so glad you are enjoying yoga (and all of the benefits of your more active life)!

    Simply can NOT imagine the last frontier of your studio. That is something I'd love to see!

    I'm trying to stay more organized right now and balance more of my interests. Have a habit of sinking totally into one thing, then realizing most of the day is gone.


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