Friday, April 23, 2010

Today I made cloth arms and legs for the "princess" doll.  Not easy turning those tiny hands, even if there is little detail.  After stuffing and attaching arms and leg, it was time for her to be gessoed.  Ooops! 

That should have been in reverse; much easier to gesso the arms before attaching.  Live and learn.

Now she needs to dry so that neither arms nor legs can touch... a cone, a t.p. roll, and a headstand should do the trick.  There she is in the attic "oven"--don't worry, gesso dries fast; she won't be in there long.

Another uncomfortable drying position, but one must use what is available.
Her tights needed some sprucing up, and of course, she needed shoes and a coat of sealer.

In the photo below, she still needed legs.  Princess needed arms and legs.  It is worth being inverted to have limbs, don't you think? 
Guess where the purple tulle will be going?

Have a wonderful weekend and stop back by if you have time for a visit!


  1. These dolls and animals have a terrific amount of personality! I can see you're having so much fun with them.

  2. Kay - They really have seized my imagination! :)

  3. LOL, those are quite the drying contraptions! Love it!

  4. officetype - Sometimes it requires a little acrobatic finesse!


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