Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunny Saturday!

I would have titled this Silent Saturday, but I'm not really in the silent mood.  It is a beautiful Saturday morning, and I'm going to get ready soon and traipse off to a yoga class.

Can't remember now where I found the vintage embroidery pattern, but I love this little lamb and enjoyed working on it.  All embroidery has been set aside lately, but I ordered my first pattern from Jenny at Sublime Stitching...on, of all topics, the Roller Derby!

Why, you may ask, the interest in the Roller Derby?
And the answer would be that my delicate, red-headed daughter, 
the one who has always been Theatrical (she's a lawyer) but never very physical,
has been practicing with the Baton Rouge Red Sticks I worried?  You betcha'!  A lot of it is theatrics, and the training is evidently quite thorough, and Erin has been practicing with the team for months, and is still in the training stage, but injuries happen.  

And yet, it looks like so much fun!


  1. Gotta love skating! Wow, that must be some good exercise for her...I used to live with skates on my feet when I was a kid...maybe I should have been a roller derby queen...haha! Love the lamb...I have a vintage infant's summer spread with a very similar lamb on it.

  2. Debby - If I weren't afraid of breaking bones, I'd be out there, too! Like you, skating was one of my favorite activities when I was young; it seemed like the closest thing to flying.


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