Friday, April 23, 2010

Just For Fun

Beautiful blog:  The Feathered Nest    -- I just love her baby shoe pin cushions!

New: Where Women Create  -- if you've enjoyed the magazine, check out the blog.  One of the links in the sidebar led me to the The Fabric Bar.  I want some of this Japanese sewing tape!

Don't you want some, too?


  1. Yes, I want that! so cute!
    My mom saved a pair of my baby shoes, maybe I'll make pincushions from them, a great way to display them. Have a happy Friday, Jen :)

  2. That tape is cool...they have a lot of different ones on the site that are also cute...I can just imagine you using it on something for your grandkids; it looks like your kind of trim! Interesting idea for the pincushions...would be a cool gift for a sewing mama or grandma...

  3. Connie - There were several really cute tapes, but I love this one!

    I'm going to be looking for old baby shoes, but Connie, you should probably save your own! Check at a flea market for shoes for pincushions.

    Debby -- Wouldn't the tape be nice for just decorating a package for a birthday or baby shower? There was an interesting series of posts on WhipUp about using twill tape. Need to look for those again!

  4. Hi, Gail! There almost too much on the "net" to take in, isn't there? Ideas, inspiration, tools, techniques, embellishments, fabric...all kinds of things that can't be found locally!


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