Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great Mail!

 Yesterday afternoon brought this in the mail...

 This is my new sweater cowl from Vicki at  2 Bags Full.  Winter may be half a year away, but resistance was futile.  Cold air going down my neck is one of my pet peeves in winter, and this might have been gone by then (or I would have forgotten where I saw it).

Don't you love the "head" used for display?  I started making it to use for my crowns, but never got around to finishing.  The head and my dressmaker's form helped me play with ways to vary the effect, which was fun.  No picture of turning the other side to the top, but that works, too!  You can find some Vicki's sweater cowls here.

I'm always so impressed by the creative variations that happen over at Interpret This!  This month's reveal is in progress...and such great work!  Art quilts at their best.


  1. I do like that cowl! You got the best one, I think. And thanks for mentioning Interpret This!

  2. Kay - While I'm not ready for winter, I do look forward to wearing it!

    You guys do such a great job over at Interpret This!


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