Monday, April 19, 2010

Emily Spreads Her Wings

Bird Woman finished!  She is the reason I made the nest I showed you a few days ago.

At first, Emily cried over her empty nest, but eventually she donned her favorite hat and decided to spread her wings.  She's off to buy a new pair of shoes.
I made her for a challenge at Cloth and Clay Dolls.

Her body is foil, covered with papier mache, then the head, arms, and legs received a layer of paper clay.  She needed a little batting around her middle as she was too skinny.  Her dress fabric is from the Katie Jump Rope line from Denyse Schmidt.

The hat is one of the flowers I made a while back from Calamity Kim's tutorial.  Her hair is some black wool roving with a few strands of white roving mixed.  The wings are quilted then gessoed, sanded, gessoed, sanded, painted, stained, and sealed with a mat sealer.  They feel a bit like leather.

Lots of mistakes in her creation (I even broke an arm and a leg--hers, not mine), but experimenting with different techniques was interesting and educational.  I will never make a frozen doll in such an odd position again as dressing and even holding her were so difficult.  Need to learn a lot more about jointing the limbs and about hair! 


  1. Well you are really on a roll now, aren't you! Love the hint of a story and also the larger context for you beautiful little nest.

    P.S. over the weekend I forced my son to look at the most recent pictures of The Triad. I just love them and their individual and yet "tripletized" facial expressions.

  2. Oh! Oh! She is fanTAStic! Soooo cool! =-)

  3. ACey - :) I am on a roll. I move from one doll to another trying to figure out what to do next!

    Oh, the Triad! We've had to change the door knob on the bedroom door because Stinker could jump up, hang on the handle and open the door. Now, the same thing will have to be done for the studio. She doesn't bother anything, but she lets in Edgar and Lucy--who cause havoc!

    Debby - Thanks! My first challenge!


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