Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clowns and Cats

I've continued working on my dolls.  :)  I'm still having a wonderful time playing with a hundred different ideas, but the dolls seem to take on a life of their despite my original intentions for them.

And stories...as I'm constructing them, I find my imagination taking flight and stories form around them, but the stories are always in flux, changing with each new addition.  Some of them change the stories by refusing to cooperate with my story, and I have no choice but to let them develop their own versions.

This one decided to be a clown...
and after sanding, gessoing, and painting, he got what he wanted.

The above critter, got his paper clay coat,
and when Fee saw him, he kept saying it was a cat.
So he got in on the story evolution, and I made the critter into a cat.  I thought I had an in-between picture where I altered the features, but guess not.  Anyway, I added more paperclay, fat cheeks, a tongue, and whiskers, and he became a cat that then morphed into
   a black cat, getting ready for Halloween.

Back to the papier mache, paper clay, and (a new experiment, cell-u-clay)!

What are you working on?

Hope you are having fun creating!


  1. Fantastic!! You are so talented.

  2. Gerrie - Thanks! I'm finding this adventure with the dolls challenging and rewarding!

  3. totally loving the paper mache dolls!!!

  4. Debra - It is a slow and messy process, but time flies when I work on them!


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