Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm having trouble finishing anything, but no trouble at all at starting something new!

They need a lot more work, but I'm going to have do more thinking about where they are going.  They are feeling like some kind of Puck-ish creatures at the moment.  I knew the first one was going to be a nature creature, but the theme seems to coming out in the new ones as well.
Remember these dried crepe myrtle seed pods? 
 I'm learning as I go and making lots of mistakes, but time flies by when I work on them.

Today promises to be a lot prettier and warmer than yesterday so I may get out into the yard and do a little planting.  Have to get over to the other house and dig up some of my favorite plants to transfer here, but I don't have time for that today.


  1. I love where you're going. I can imagine that time flies, but you feel really recharged creatively working on this.

  2. Thanks, Sophie! I do feel recharged creatively, although I keep meeting stumbling blocks. When I do, I just move on do the next project!


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