Thursday, March 18, 2010

WIP- blue flowers

I've been working on these little blue flowers, making yo yo's, and tearing some fabric strips; will use at least some of them for the blue crown.

Max's crown is finished, but I haven't taken a picture yet.  Have made a little felt bee for Bryce Eleanor's crown and some pink flowers that I may use for Mila's, but haven't started those yet.  The white crown items are just sitting together in a basket while I decide what to do next.

Made some more cording yesterday.  Making the items to decorate the crowns is the fun part, and I make things then set them aside, not sure if I'll even use them.  Sometimes I lose them and then have to search.  Lost the small plastic bag that I put the bee, felting needle, wing material, etc. in and spent quite a bit of time trying to locate the bag.

It might help if I'd take the time to clean up again and get a bit better organized!

Having my studio upstairs and the computer downstairs means that I run up and down the stairs dozens of times: for the camera, or the camera card, for the thimble I left next to my chair, for a snack, just to take a break...

There is also no bathroom upstairs and no sink, so when I get a bit grungy from digging through the attic for items I haven't unpacked or can't find, these come in handy...


  1. These flowers are so pretty! I love the deep blue and your added embroidery touches.

  2. Of all the things I dread about moving, I think the worst one is having to dig through boxes to find things that haven't been unpacked yet.

  3. Rebekah - Thanks! I love these blues, too.

    Rian - It helps if you are organized to begin with, which I wasn't. Even if we'd had more time, I'd still be searching for things.

    Hope your move goes without a single hitch!

  4. I still can't find things and we've been here 11 years...=-/ Can't wait to see the bee! =-)

  5. Debby - Since I can't find things I had in hand the day before, it is a bit silly to blame things on the move!

    The bee crown is on hold until I get some more ideas. :O


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