Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Up?

Almost finished with Bryce Eleanor's crown.  Just need to add a closure.  Will post pictures later today.

These little hair clip covers are in process.  Felted roving for the bunnies and greenery and regular felt for the carrots.
Some possibilities for Mila's crown...
I'm need to get back to the white crown.  This is where I stopped about a week ago and just stuffed the possible embellishments into a plastic bag with the base fabric.
 Since I was just experimenting, I'm not sure if I can use this or will have to begin again with an actual shape for the crown.  However, it will have to wait until I finish the embroideries, hair clips, and Mila's crown.

And then there are some dolls I want to make, and Amelia wants chair sashes.

What are you up to?  What are you creating?

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  1. Since you asked,
    I have a bucket on the stove full of acrylic/polyester yarns and green dye in the hope that the yarn will come out of the bucket with at least a green tinge. I hope to use it to make Christmas trees.

    By the way, the white crown fabric looks wonderful.

    Judy B


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