Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Studio

One of the nice things about paper clay is that you can go back and apply water at any time before it is sealed and make  adjustments and add features.  I played with the doll head a bit.  She still needs some smoothing and some sanding (if I bother to get any sand paper), but now she has eyes and a little hair (which I may carve right off, but her head will be mostly covered anyway).
While I was playing with the clay, I decided to make her a cat.  Don't laugh.  I'm calling them primitives.  :)  Goes right along with the rest of my shabby style of raw edges. 
 After these are painted and the lady is dressed, I'm going to make her a tiny quilt.  This is supposed to be a quilting blog, but there has been so little of that lately.

I am going to have to put all of this aside for now and return to Easter projects.  Time is growing short.  Mila's crown and the embroideries await. 

Here is a great quilty link:  Barbara Reskin, a sociology professor, makes pocket quilts for homeless children.  The quilts keep the children warm, the pockets provide storage for their belongings. 


  1. Love the kitty =-) I know our blogs were started as quilting blogs but mine is not just isn't...There are so many things that go on in my life that I have decided it is just a blog...a life blog...I love yours, no matter the content! =-)

  2. Looking forward to see clothes + quilt (why not make one for the cat, too...?) - a great link, indeed - I have a few pockets somewhere, + I´m going to search for them...

  3. Debby - Blogs evolve don't they? Everything in my life runs in cycles, and I'm constantly moving from one to another. There has been a long hiatus from quilting and crafting in general, now I'm fascinated with dolls again.

    ger - Maybe I will make one for the cat; thanks for the suggestion. I had plenty of pockets before the move, but took most of Fee's shirts to Goodwill. But I'll be on the look out for some to send because it is a great idea.


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