Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Completed Crown 1

Crown the first is now complete.  Added 5 stars to my crown (and some beads). :) Back to work on the others.

Oh, and remember the pictures of Lucy and Stinker trying to open the back door?  They can now open the bedroom door.  And do.

We close the bedroom door at night because they try to play at night (and pounce on our feet).  They don't like to be shut out, so they meow at the door, then begin jumping until they can hang on the door handle and open the door.

The back door is too heavy for them, but the same handles are on the bedroom door, and they can manage them quite well...at 3:00 AM.  Bad Triad!


  1. LOVE it! The buttons are perfect!!! Oh, yes, we have the same kind of door handles...they are no match for any cat who has lived/lives here...Gotta love their determination and intelligence!

  2. Your crown is magnificent!

    . . . and your cats, clearly too smart for their own good. It's hard to scold them for using their little cat brains and figuring these things out, isn't it? Mine have mastered sliding doors and it continues to amaze me that they can slide the big heavy doors in my loft.

  3. Wow! Fabulous. And those dang smart nocturnal animals!!

  4. Debby - Thanks! I'm glad to finally finish one and have another that will be done by tommorrow.

    And oh yes, determination and intelligence, the Triad certainly excel. Their personalities are all so different, but they are all determined little creatures!

    Sophie - Thank you!

    And cats are certainly inclined to learn what they want to get their way, aren't they? Your cats must be equally persistent if they can open the heavy doors to your loft!

    Gerrie - The cats seem to gear up just when we are ready for bed! Evidently, they prefer to wait for us to be sound asleep before slipping in, though.

    Rosa-Munda - Cheeky, indeed! Silly cats...


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