Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blue Flower Crown--

 finished...I think.  Unless I decide to add more beads later.
I added a button, yo yo, and tassel of fabric strips to the back.
Three more in process or in imagination.  Working on Bryce Eleanor's and Mila's slowly.  Not knowing where I'm going and frequent pauses to think (and re-think and to search for new possible embellishments or to make them) slow me down.  My original ideas undergo drastic changes as I work on them.

Where did the inspiration for these crowns come from?  Well, I've seen crowns all over the blog world for some time, but until I saw the ones at Carnets d'une Marraine (Notebooks of a Godmother), crown-making was only one item on my wish list.  When I saw the crowns made by Marraine's readers, however, I fell in love.

Aren't they wonderful and creative?  Her readers had so many delicious interpretations, and I think they are all brilliant.

Anyone else willing to give it a try?


  1. What fun! That site is great...I love one of the ones on it that is just covered in beads and cool...all of them...Your grandkids are going to have a blast!

  2. Very artistic - love the use of beads, and your attention to detail.

  3. Debby - Marraine's readers were so creative. My blue flower crown was inspired by the one with blue clouds...I wanted to use some of those deep blues in my stash!

    Spoonful - Thanks! I've enjoyed making these crowns!

  4. what a treat to begin catching up on your creative doings! this crown is marvelous - hope one and all will model for pics once the effort is complete!

  5. You've done this beautifully!

  6. ACey-- They are quite an experiment. No matter what idea I may have in mind to begin with, each crown evolves organically into something else.

    I'll take pictures when the clan gathers for Easter. :)

    Kaye - Thank you for the nice comment and for stopping by!

  7. Bonjour Jenclair,
    What a great crown! Thanks for the link, so I discover your blog :-)

  8. Marraine - Bonjour! Your posts inspired me to get back into a creative cycle that I'm still enjoying. Making crowns is so much fun!


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