Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gardening Weather

Beautiful morning!  I've done my morning yoga practice and planted a flat of pansies in the back.  Have more to plant:  basil, dill, oregano, parsley, chives,tomato, etc., and will get to them later, but I've come in and washed my hands.  Can't find my gardening gloves, new ones may be in order.

 I took some pictures earlier  (before I started getting dirty) of the ferns in the morning light. The shadows are nice in the early morning.

I love the sound of the fountain splashing.

The smell of the jasmine is a delight; I prefer the white jasmines, but this one and the one on the trellis over the path were already here.  I'll not disturb them.

A few household chores, then up to the studio to straighten it up elnough that I can get busy on one of the projects.


  1. so lovely and peaceful...I love a water feature in a garden...isn't jasmine just a perfect gift from Mother Nature...=-)

  2. Lovely pictures! The weather is too bad for gardening here. Next week hopefully.

  3. Debby - It is peaceful, and I've ended up spending quite a lot of the day outside. Jasmine certainly is one of Mother Nature's wonderful gifts!

    Francoise - Last Monday, it snowed here, a really unusual event for the South, but today is warm even for spring. Hope your your gardening weather arrives next week!


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