Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Wandering

I'm finally over the exhaustion of last week.

The Triad's collars were looking pretty rough, all frayed from the scuffling and neck biting they get up to. So I made them some new ones.

I also used part of a coloring book page for a couple of Easter blocks.  This one is traced with a water soluble pen, and I'll embroider it in the evenings.  The other one will have some raw edge machine applique and hand embroidery.  We will see how they turn out, but it gives me something to do with my hands while I watch McLeod's Daughters...I'm on season 3.


  1. Love the collars - Lucy looks rather proud!

  2. The collars are great...Muffin and Jelly Bean are envious. Coloring books are such a great source for embroidery and applique. Looks like it's going to be great. Lynne

  3. Amelia - Red is definitely Lucy's color, isn't it? :)

    Lynn - Thanks, the collars were easy to make: I just cut the old collars to take the plastic pieces off and then used them on the new collars.

    Greetings to Muffin and Jelly Bean!


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