Thursday, February 11, 2010

Studio Peeks, Happy State

 Another couple of peeks into the studio:

Photos of my grandparents (Mother's parents), a little thread drawing, and an old alarm clock from Laddie's collection. 
Amelia mentioned that in a recently released study, Louisiana ranked highest in "happiness"--  To say that I was initially surprised is an understatement.  On the other hand, this study provides some interesting correlations that have more to do with culture than with economics.

We smile a lot here in Louisiana, and we smile at strangers.  We talk to people with whom we are standing in line.  We comment on a stranger's great outfit or cute kid.  We have little reservation in this behavior. It is a typically Southern behavior that you will find in most southern states, but I'm sure it is not exclusive to the South.

Fee and I were talking the other day about how smiling lifts our spirits.  Laddie always said that a smile was a gift to be both given and received.  It works for me.  Someone smiles at me, I smile in return, I feel better, someone sees me smile, and smiles back, then someone sees that person smile...and the smiles can continue.

We have so many problems in our state, but we do have a friendly culture, great music, great food!  And evidently, in spite of everything, people here rate their quality of life pretty highly.


  1. What a great peek at your sewing studio. Mine is still in my imagination. (hopefully one day that spare junk room will empty of my hubbies boxes) I have to agree with you that people in the south smile more and talk to each other more. I love the pics of your grandparents!

    Happy Quilting

  2. Cindy - Thanks! I'm still trying to get things done in there, but messes seem to occur more often than organizing!

    Debra - Texas is the same way, isn't it? and a smile back atcha!

  3. Oooooh, niiiiiice. Me likey.

  4. I think it is a Southerner thing. In CA where I'm from people will cut you off on the road and lay on the horn even if you signal that you need to get over to get off at the next exit. In Vermont where I'm at now, people aren't outwardly rude, but they aren't exactly outgoing either. Its not that I don't love both places, but you gotta appreciate that Southern hospitality.

  5. I smile at or speak to anyone I come in contact is a sort of game I play, I try to make people smile, come out of themselves, even if they seem reluctant. I am often gratified, if surprised at getting the grumpiest appearing people to smile...I think sometimes people are just waiting for that acknowledgment, that clue that it's ok...I live in both CA and NY and have traveled to many places in the world and I think people are both grumpy and happy anywhere you's all in what you put out there, the effort you show, the willingness to make contact, IMO. Ok, now: I wanna see inside that beautiful cupboard!!! =-)

  6. Rian - Right now, I've stuff spread all over, but it will get there eventually!

    Leigh - I find cultural differences fascinating...and there are so many in our own country, even in within one state!

    Debby - I think it is difficult not to respond to a smile, but maybe the real trick is to initiate it!

  7. Your studio looks most inspiring! I had the pleasure of travelling to Louisana when I lived in the us - you are so right, people are very friendly!

  8. SpoonfulofSugar - Thanks, I'm working on the studio trying to get things organized, but still have a way to go!


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