Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pretty Things and Treasures

I "heart" these little pincusions over Happy Together!

And a give-away and a tutorial, too!

Another new blog with beautiful work here at  Geta's Quilting Studio (discovered via  The Quilting Gallery).  Isn't this gorgeous?
Geta also has some great tutorials!

Lately, another place I've enjoyed visiting is Interpret This...especially all the wonderful self-portraits! 

 Early morning view onto the back garden.  It is so tiny and so different from the wilderness garden at the other house.  This one is so neat and trim.  However, I will be bringing some of my iris, daylilies, and salvia from the other house soon and will have to find a place for them.

 I began these hearts in January and practiced needle-turned applique, then abandoned them.  It is time to get busy again.  
 Another studio peek into some of my favorite things.  The china doll was my grandmother's.  Kitty Claire Vincent Sledge was 14 in the year 1900, so the doll is probably about 105-110 years old.  My grandmother gave her to me over 30 years ago, and I've treasured her.

The pine straw basket was woven by my great Aunt Mat.  She is also the one who made the quilt I slept under my entire childhood and who tatted the lovely bonnet and booties that I was christened in. 

The "She is too fond of books" is a gift from nieces Katie and Megan and SIL Robin that they brought back from a trip to New York.

The studio is still not really organized or useful yet, but I've enjoyed finding and displaying some of my treasures.


  1. It's a lovely garden Jenclair, and I'm sure you will turn it into a showpiece. That's a nice fountain, too. I spent some time at Geta's blog, she does beautiful work.

  2. Pretty garden but a tad formal! Needs some weeds.

    Thanks for the link to our Interpret This! challenge too.

    Lovely little doll--I have a very small one that is very similiar-a favorite too.

  3. I am a tiny bit intimidated by the orderliness of it all! Also quite curious about the purpose of the timer on your work table. In this cold weather I am giving my library card a huge workout so I can really appreciate the punchline: and it has addled her brain. Seems during family meals all I really want to talk about is whatever book I am reading at the time...

  4. Nice to see you blogging again! Looking forward to how you "untame" the garden - it has lots of visual interest - just needs some personality.

    I'm off to check out the heart pincushions and Geta's work

  5. Rian - The garden is small and neat, and Fee would like to keep it that way, but....

    I love Geta's blog. A recent discovery, and one that I will continue to enjoy!

    Debra - Have already discovered fire ants, can weeds be far behind?

    ACey - I know! It is nothing like my tendency to grow everything and especially things that like to take over!

    :) The timer is for my yoga practice...usually an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half. Every day. Not counting the classes I teach and attend.

    Me, too! I always want to talk about my books!

    Kim - The other garden was so large that I had trouble keeping up with it. Don't think that will happen here! I can't bring all of my plants, especially the shrubs, but don't see how I can live without a little more wilderness.

    Must have basil and rosemary (and other herbs and my Queen Anne's Lace and daylilies, salvias, lemon balm, etc.). :)

  6. You'll make that garden even more lovely!

    Have you tried the little Super Balls for the triad? They're wonderful because they keep bouncing and rolling for a long time; our cat also likes to pick them up in her mouth and drop them down the stairs so she can chase them. The only problem is that they could be a choking hazard for a small child, although probably not.

  7. Kay - I will look for the Super Balls! They have several balls that they like, but I'd love for them to take them to the top of the stairs themselves!


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