Friday, February 05, 2010


 Back in the studio:  quilts stacked in cubby holes.
My crone doll, and an old bisquit tin, and a gift from a mail-art friend.

Yesterday morning, I did the flyers for our free yoga classes on Saturday, Feb. 13.  A perfect way to honor both Heart Month and Valentine's Day.  Delivery today.

Amelia came yesterday to pick up the papers that Katie had brought the day before.  I'm so loving this arrangement!  We ended up having lunch at a new deli -- great food.  We each had a California Club, with Cannoli for dessert.

Isn't this quilt wonderful!  Beautifully done and so true!  Found via Cactus Needle. This is only one of the blocks.
Love the simplicity of this Valentine shadowbox!  Found in Nina Glaser's Etsy shop.
Have to shower and get ready for yoga, errands, etc.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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