Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February Hearts

More good stuff from Jude over at Spirit Cloth !  I'm in such a Valentine mood.  I was never big on the day the way some people are, but Valentine's Day is so much fun in quilting/sewing world!

As usual, Jude's work has such a peaceful and touchable feel.  Because I love words as  well, reading about her thoughts and process is also a pleasure.

Cheerful heart quilt found at Make It...a Wonderful Life.

iHanna's heart. She has an Etsy Shop, too.
 Last night, I finished the embroidered words on one of my heart pieces while watching LOST, and then began beading.  Got a little carried away on the beading as I got involved in the latest confusing episode of parallel existence...?...on and off The Island.   Maybe I'll take a picture later, but it is embarassing to share my work after sharing so many lovely pieces from others.


  1. yeah definitely share. It's fun that you feature others' work and give us links to follow but we need steady infusions of Bayou Details too.

  2. Jude - I'll share a peek today. I think I'm going to use your trick of tea dying on it.

    ACey - I'm almost finished with one...but I have two that I've only done the applique, and one that the applique isn't even finished!


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