Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chair Tai Chi

Yesterday, I went with my friend Thomas to his chair Tai Chi at Summerfield Estates.  There was a mix-up on the calender and less than half his class showed up, but they made me feel so welcome!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thomas is an excellent and thoughtful teacher and those that came worked hard and enjoyed the session.

Not all of my pictures turned out very well, but here is one.  Mary had been to Rosary and had belated Ash Wednesday ashes marked on her forehead.  Thomas stands behind Lillian and Reese, and my pictures of the other Lillian were all blurry.  He usually has 10-15 people attend, but the calender mix-up had people showing up at 9:00 instead of 10:00.

They were all so warm and welcoming!  It was great fun to be a part of the class.

After that I did a few errands and then collapsed into a 21/2 hour nap!  I think my thyroid meds need upping.  This week has been frustrating due to my lack of energy and tendency to go to bed early, sleep late, and nap!

Forgot to mention that last weekend Fee and I watched The Hurt Locker.  Wow! 

Jeremy Renner was terrific, the movie was amazing.


  1. Chair Tai chi... wonderful! (I hope it's on my 2040 todo list.)

  2. Kim - The best scenario is never to become limited to the chair!

    Both Tai Chi and yoga practitioners usually live long active lives. Krishnamacharya was 100 when he died and still active. Iyengar is still teaching yoga, and he is in his mid-nineties.

    I didn't begin tai chi until 51 and was nearly 60 when I began practicing yoga. Wish I'd begun much earlier on both, but hope to be still active for a long, long time.


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