Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bad Cat, Cowgirls, Crafty Stuff

I was busy showering, drying my hair, and getting dressed for the 10:00 yoga class yesterday morning.  Lucy was busy chewing the beads off my heart piece.  Lucy of the Terrible Triad is short for Lucifer.  Bad cat!

She had also evidently bitten the needle and gotten little drops of blood on it.  Once I made sure she hadn't swallowed the needle, I had to soak the piece in cold water.  So this morning, as I was trying to take a picture of the heart , Lucy started again!
 Look at those devil eyes!  She invited Stinker for a taste!
Yesterday was a full day with yoga, errands, some shopping, visiting Laddie (another bout with pneumonia), more errands, etc.  Last night I watched Julie & Julia, which I thoroughly enjoyed (while trying to repair the damage to the beading).

 For Cowgirl Goods , who loves all things cowgirl - some vintage images from  The Graphics Fairy    ...  The Graphics Fairy offers loads of clip art and vintage graphics.She also inspires by including all kinds of craft projects using her images.  Great place to visit--stop by, say hello, and pick up some cool graphics.

And from Sew Dream's Etsy shop, a cowboy button!

Isn't it funny the way serendipity / sychronicity works?  If you are interested in something, then suddenly the universe puts more of it there for you.


  1. Unfortunatley, Lucy's eyes aren't quite that devilish! It's so hard to stay mad at them since it's their nature to be curious. My cats always find something in the sewing room to get into.

  2. Lynn - :) My first concern was if she'd hurt herself and then lots of self-chastisement for leaving the piece where she could get to it. What if she'd swallowed the needle?

    Lucy is, however, the cat voted most likely to get into mischief. Which can also mean the cat most likely to make you laugh...

  3. the cat pics are hilarious. None of mine have every bothered beads or needles - not even threads. They think it's *their* worktable though. The chagrin level and sulking has always been intense whenever I chose to outrank them and reclaim the space.

  4. Debra - Exactly!

    ACey - I hope they outgrow this need to investigate with teeth and tongue!


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