Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where do the pictures go?

 This was the second part of the earlier post that just disappeared. 

  Amelia and Bryce Eleanor came over this morning.

Everything for a two-year-old is an adventure and watching Bryce Eleanor is similar to watching the Triad.  A smile lingers on my lips as she moves from one exciting and novel experience to the next.

She might become frustrated about something, but before long there is a new thought or experience that catches her attention and produces a new interest.  While two-year-olds have relatively short attention spans, whatever absorbs B.E. at that particular moment gains her full consideration.  She has living in the moment down pat.

Lucy was off the bed in an instant, but Stinker kept her busy for a while.  Then Edgar...

 And look at these pockets!  Fascinating!
Great game of "Off/On" provided more fun.


  1. Bring her over to play at my house!

  2. Debra - I'd like nothing better! I could see your house and quilts in person...and maybe get some quilting lessons!


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