Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome Back, Shreveport Symphony

Fee and I joined Amelia and Chris at Ernest's last night for a wonderful meal before the Symphony.  Almost everyone there was in evening dress (big change for me not to be in yoga clothes) either for the first performance of the Shreveport Symphony in 18 months or a crew party for one of the local Mardi Gras crews.

Notice how much better Fee's picture of me  is than my picture of him!  Maybe I was jealous!  He looked so handsome, but the flash didn't go off, and I had to work in PhotoShop to get anything out of the dark image.

When the current economic crisis hit last year, lack of sufficient financing for the Shreveport Symphony ("Louisiana's oldest continually operating professional orchestra") put them on a long hiatus.  Finally, some sponsors stepped up, and people who were feeling the loss, joyfully produced a sold out performance.

Grammy-nominated solo violinist Jennifer Frautschi was marvelous, as was the entire Tchaikovsky Spectacular.  Michael Butterman, the conductor, was also a pleasure to watch as he and the entire orchestra looked so happy to be back.

It was such a lovely evening...a genuine celebration!  Our thanks  go out to Willis Knighton Health System, Chase, and The Community Foundation (which we do support) for their roles in bringing back the music.
I suppose I've decided to spend the entire day in my pajamas!  I've done my yoga, read, worked on catching up my reading statistics (almost done) for my reading blog, played a bit with some beads on the quilted hearts I'm making, read, run the Triad up and down the stairs with the laser light, sent Fee off to watch a movie, eaten the left overs from Amelia's Veal Picata, read, and done nothing of significance all day.  Just lovely!


  1. Jenclair,

    Sounds like a perfect day!

    Judy B

  2. Sounds like enough to fill any day!

  3. JudyB - It really was a perfect day!

    Rian - :) It is nice occasionally to get out of yoga clothes and dress up!

    Debra - It was a full day, for sure. Miss Bryce Eleanor all morning and then a delicious meal and music for the evening!

  4. Spotted your blog and I just wanted to say "thank you" to you and the many other arts supporters who contributed to the SSO sell-out crowd Saturday night. Negotiations which are still ongoing began two years ago. Come and join us again for our upcoming concerts on Friday, March 5 and Saturday, May 15.

    Nice outfit!

  5. Anon - Thank you for a wonderful evening! We are looking forward to the March performance and many more.

  6. don't know why this post didn't show up for me the last time I visited. You and Fee make quite a spectacular couple "all cleaned up". I think he looks a bit like Eric Clapton in this picture.

  7. ACey - :) I can't remember the last time I dressed up! I live mostly in yoga clothes and jeans, so the occasional reason for dressing up makes it more fun!


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