Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

The story of Little Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favorites, and so I've always been attracted to any art based on the theme.  Here is a new quilt block featuring Red over at Frida's Hive.  I love it!

One of my favorites sites, The Cart Before the Horse, made an adorable quilt based on the story and gives a tutorial here.  (I know I've posted this link sometime in the past, but it is just so wonderful! ) Jo James calls it a "cheater" quilt because it is painted, but it is nothing short of delightful--it even includes dolls of both "little Red" and the wolf.

She has another fairy tale quilt that includes "little Red" -- the pattern is available in her Etsy Shop.

Her Story Time Gallery has yet another version, as well as many other whimsically adorable versions of Red and other characters!

The picture on the right is yet another of Jo's portraits of Red.

Another find on Etsy is this jointed paper doll set of Red and the Wolf, found in Wool and Waters Shop.  

And in Stephanie Fizer's Etsy Shop is this charming Red.

Andrea Zuill's Bad Bird Etsy Shop contains this intriguing illustration.

I'm out of time, but there are so many versions of this tale that have been interpreted in such creative ways, and I don't remember where all of them were found.

If you have any other Little Red Riding Hood interpretations, please let me know.


  1. i love this story too, maybe i should try one....

  2. Hey! So happy you are back to blogging! I missed your lovely adventures and charming creations! ;) The trio of cats looks like a barrel of fun. Please be aware of how they can get into anything. A dear friend nearly lost her kitten when the kitten ate a ball of crochet thread. Not certain how she ate it all but it required a miserable surgery. Thanks for all of the interesting information and inspiration Gail

  3. Jenclair,
    It is so nice to see your name popping up in my reading list .... and nice to know you are settling in to the new hose.
    We obviously wonder around the same blogs ...... I love Cart before the Horse ..... lovely quilts, and the dolls are just wonderful!
    Judy B

  4. I just read the other comments .... Would love to see what Jude does with Red and the Wolf!

    Judy B

  5. jude - Oh, you most definitely should! I'm still smiling about the eyes on your trees!

    Gail -- Well, thanks so much! You are right about having to watch them (the kittens), especially in the studio where there is so much they can get into.

    virtualquilter -- Isn't The Cart Before the Horse a wonderful blog? Now there is a combination of imagination, talent, and skill!

    And yes, I'd love to see Jude's take on Little Red and the Wolf!


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