Friday, November 06, 2009

New Additions

New additions.  Fee found the kittens after the mama cat was run over.  He kept them at the office for a while, but they were getting too adventurous near the busy street.

Two have been given away, but three are temporarily abiding with us.  They've been wormed and have their feline leukemia shots,and all three are females.  Lucy and Edna above and Stinker below.

Lucy peering out of the box on arrival.

They are cute and playful, but Edna comes when you call her, is very gregarious, and always wants your attention.  Lucy and Stinker are much shyer, more reticent.  They tumble over each other, chase each other and their own tales, and generally keep us smiling.


  1. Awww, thay are so cute. I LOVE kittens!

  2. Cute, but I don't understand why you signed up with -

  3. Not the previous Anon poster.

    So cute! Thanks for the pix and description.

  4. i love the one getting outside the box....

  5. Deb - They are so much fun to watch!

    Anon - My first snarky comment since I started blogging!

    Anon2 - Thanks!

    Francoise - Pretty active little group of furry purrers!

    jude - They love getting in out and out of anything!

  6. i am in love with all three and if we lived in the same general vicinity I would want to adopt each one

  7. Adorable! Reminds me of why I keep bringing strays in...they're so cute and so entertaining. It's hard to be down around a kitten! And also, snarkyanon makes the round. Somebody is sad and angry and most likely needs a kitten in her life. But lucky you, already nice and light...gets 2 (temporarily...) They are too cute for words!

  8. Stinker is adorable and definitely looks like she might live up to that name.

  9. OMG! Keep two for fun but if you keep three it will be even MORE fun;)
    Thanks for rescuing them Fee.

    NOW I just saw the tornado pictures! HOLY CRAP JEN! WOW, Glad you guys are okay. WOW, those things are scary, one of the reasons I moved to Maine we only get one every 100 years.

  10. ACey - They are sweet and funny, but I'd love to see a couple adopted...I just don't know which ones!

    Michelle - :) Kittens can brighten anyone's life, can't they? Love watching Edna taking charge of the other two; she is definitely the leader!

    Annie - Fee named them, but he sure got Stinker down pat!

    Marj - They come in for some lap time at night, but right now spend most of their time tackling what's left of the greenery!


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