Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Knitting lowers blood pressure and so does crocheting; since my blood pressure is always low that doesn't matter much to me, but the process relaxes me and induces a bit of serenity, so I consider it a Wellness Exercise.

Here are some links that support the Knitting/BP/Wellness Connection:

Knitting Could Alleviate Major Trauma Effects,

KFLBP (knitting for lower blood pressure,

and I LOVE this one - A Novel Prescription for Knitted Brows, an article with a picture of a man who had been laid off taking a knitting lesson as a coping mechanism.

Maybe these activities that should be covered by health insurance. Knitting needles and yarn could be written off.


  1. Wouldn't THAT be nice! And classes would be free!

  2. Rian - And I could use some lessons!


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