Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shanghai & a Patchwork Scarf

Our friend Thomas recently returned from his month long stay in Shanghai where he and another friend went to study Tai Chi with Master Wu. These are pictures of The Listening Garden where they did their twice daily instruction and practice.

What a lovely place to practice Tai Chi!
Monday, we all met for lunch--Thomas, Beth, Nina, and myself--to hear all about the trip. Of course, we didn't have enough time. Will have to schedule another lunch to hear the rest!

A week or so ago, I began this patchwork scarf.
All of the white patches ended up looking a bit Christmas-y...
so I'm embroidering some of the white space.


  1. Lovely scarf. Did you put batting inside? It looks very thin.

  2. Francoise - No batting...I was afraid it would be too thick. I made one a few years ago and machine quilted it, and it turned out a bit stiff. However, since I didn't machine quilt this one, the batting may have been a good choice.

    ger - I think it is cheerful, too!

  3. Love your scarf, love the embroidery add ons...reminds me it's about time for me to make another one with the weather changing! And your friend learning from a master at source...fabulous!

  4. I love the scarf. The stitching is very effective.

  5. Michele - Thanks! I hate the wind down my neck and love mufflers and scarves to prevent it.

    Yes, Thomas received one-on-one mentoring from Master Wu...can't ask for much more!

    Gerrie - :) the stitching gives me an excuse to watch television!

  6. oooh i love the stitching on your scarf. how cool.

    sorry to hear about the tornado - wow!!

  7. Thanks, Leah! I hope to get back to working on it soon.


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