Sunday, October 11, 2009

I did cut up and re-purpose the tee shirt. I used a quilted flower from several years ago to patch the hole in the back, cut the front open to eliminate a stain, shortened and shaped the back to make ties, and did a lettuce hem. The original idea was to use it over sleeveless tops, but it turned a little chilly and I had on a long sleeve shirt.It would have worked better, perhaps, if the tee hadn't been a small, but maybe I'll play with a medium next time. I know I have a medium tee that I put in a bag for Goodwill, but I'm not sure if it was in the bag I delivered, or the bag that is STILL sitting in the garage.

The top works well either tied or untied, but I wanted to be able to tie it, because sometimes at yoga the room is chilly until you get warmed up. Being able to tie it makes it easy to practice in.

There is some strange sort of satisfaction in taking an item that is stained or just tired out (as tee shirts are prone to become) and doing something with them. I had a lot of fun embroidering old tees this summer.

What items have you re-purposed? I know a lot of people transform tee shirts in many ways! I need more ideas!


  1. I love the t-shirt recycling. I've never done a whole garment but often use bits and pieces of fabric from old things to applique' or make a bracelet maybe. I have so much from my mom who never threw anything away. I love reusing things, especially those with memories attached! Glad everything is going better for you. Meningitis is very scary I'm sure. Take care!!

  2. Awesome. How do you do a lettuce hem? I love that look.

  3. suesue - Yes, using fabric from things one no longer wears for applique is a great idea. I love the idea that the material came from this shirt or that dress. It creates a story within a story!

    Jules - You just use a zig zag stitch and stretch a little. I played with the size of the stitch a little before beginning. Very easy and a nice effect!

  4. What a clever idea! Good goin. The only stuff I repurpose is Jim's vests. I wear 'em.

  5. Right now I am working with Laura and her friend to repurpose clothes into bellydancing outfits. It's a fun but a little tricky-at least they aren't finicky!

  6. Rian - Good idea, Rian! Jim must have good taste if you are appropriating his vests. I do confiscate some of Fee's sweaters when it gets cold!

    Debra - Can't wait to see the outfits! The studio where I take yoga has bellydancing...and some of the most enticing outfits! I will try to remember to take my camera and snap some pictures. I love the clothes and the jewelry!


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