Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brief Return to Signatures

A little more work on the signatures which have been sorely neglected. It is unfortunate that I've lost my enthusiasm for this project, but I hope to continue to make a little time for it occasionally. Maybe my enthusiasm will return. It happens.
Here is one of my favorite new places to visit: Hand Embroidery Network!

I love reading about the subtle nature of the mind. This article says that studies indicate that nature can make us more caring.

In one way, it seems like common sense -- being in the garden, in the woods, by the lake relaxes us and therefore, the peaceful feelings would influence our thinking and behavior. Most of us have experienced this first-hand. Images in bio-feedback or guided imagery have the same effect.

The studies indicate that nature nurtures the best in us. Nothing really new here, except the way the concept was studied, but it is another example of how our minds respond to stimuli.

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