Friday, August 07, 2009

Last Day!

This is the last day! My computer has been slow and has frozen frequently, but I haven't had much time for blogging anyway. Day classes until 5:30 each day, and as many night classes as I could work in, between assignments and preparation.

I've taken 4 or 5 Kundalini classes at night, Hatha and Hatha Flow classes on the weekends, and one wonderful Yoga Nidra class (deep relaxation--and believe it, deep relaxation, indeed!) You are not supposed to fall asleep, but I heard snores and lots of breathing that indicated having slipped over the edge of consciousness into sleep. I slipped over a couple of times and had to bring myself back from that hypnogogic sleep into paying attention.

Graduation after lunch, then a party at 4:00 (and another one tonight that I doubt I'll be able to attend as Fee should be here this afternoon). I'm not sure how I'll adjust to being home without so much yoga packed into my daily schedule! I do have several ideas on projects that I hope to get started on, though.

Ooops! Time to get back.


  1. Things sound very interesting. Congrats on your accomplishments in this endeavor.

  2. That is a long time to be immersed in intensive Yoga. It must make an amazing impact on you. Are you having time to see the Austin sights? I must be hungry, your spinach salad looks awfully good to me.

  3. Sure will be interesting to see how that illuminated sacral energy channels itself into creative projects!

  4. Connie - Thanks! It was such a great experience!

    Frqan - Those 30 days really HAVE had an impact on me. I did get to see a little of Austin, but classes kept us all so busy that spare time was at a minimum! MMMM, spinach salad is one of my favorite meals. Ate a lot of spinach and tabbouleh because they were so easy to put together.

    ACey - Hope I can transform some of that terrific energy into a creative endeavor!


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