Saturday, August 15, 2009

August - Half Over!

Home for nearly a week, and things have been hectic! Appointments, meetings, catching up on all of those things neglected for a month, visiting with family and friends, hundreds of emails to sort through, and so many blogs to visit, etc. The computer, unfortunately, doesn't always want to cooperate and keeps freezing up.

Fee's visit to the cardiologist this week was a wakeup call. He will be having a heart catherization next Wednesday, and possibly, a stent. This is frustrating for him as he has continued to consider himself invulnerable to the frailties of the body!

Five hours at the emergency room yesterday, as Laddie fell out of bed at the nursing home and broke his nose. He came through with flying colors, however, and as a result, perhaps of the A. D., didn't seem to feel the pain. He was alert the entire time and appeared to find the emergency room a fascinating experience. Checked on him this morning and he was still alert and seemed free of pain. Small blessings.

Have to child proof the house as my youngest granddaughter will be coming over shortly to spend the night. That should keep me busy!

Some pictures from the July 4th weekend down at the camp:Amelia always dresses Bob up for holiday occasions, but Bryce Eleanor gradually took all of his possessions. At this point, she has confiscated his crown and sunglasses, and eventually, she had his jewelry, too. For a bobcat, he is such a wimp!


  1. Welcome home Jen! Missed ya! But I bet your arms are totally buffed;)

  2. Welcome Home! Boy, I bet it feels like you missed a month in there somewhere!

  3. Cowgirl - Wish my arms were buffed! I did have a great time and learned a lot, however. :)

    Debra - I know, a month gone! Summer is almost over!


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