Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Shopping Goodness

This lovely doll by Art4Sol makes me smile. Love all the details, especially the feathers on the back. Check out her Etsy Shop, too.And Deborah has an Etsy Shop...wouldn't her embroideries make terrific blocks for a quilt? Or a pillow? These little birds are the ones I'm keeping in mind!Another Etsy find-- Lillya Lotta's Storybook Cotton Tape! And other cuteness. You can also get custom made tape!
And just for fun, a little Hammertime.


  1. Thanks so much for the promotion! I'll be checking the others out...both are new to me and look interesting.

  2. Thanks also! and I have twill tape embroidered with words if you like that look too!

  3. I knew about Debra, but the others are new to me. Thanks.

  4. Am I the only who thinks the hammertime video deserved a seperate post!?

    I was digging the twill tape and the doll but watching the video trumped everything...the customers looked sooo confused but yeah I would have danced just for the fun of it!

  5. Art4Sol - I like all your dolls, Darlene, but this one is my favorite!

    Debra - Is there anything you don't do? Quilts, home dec, embroideries by hand and machine, AND tape!

    Kay - So many talented people!

    Karoda - Isn't the Hammer Pants video fun? I just love it! I love the videos of the dancers in the train stations, too!


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