Friday, June 26, 2009

New Flower in the Garden

I received an invitation to join Calamity Kim's Fabric Flower Flickr group the other day. I clicked over and looked at all the pretty flowers. The tutorial says to use some silk circles, along with chiffon and tulle, but I didn't have any silk or chiffon. So I pulled out my "sheer and shiny" basket and used what I had. (Some of the stuff in this basket comes from tulle gift bows that I've saved.)
[click to enlarge]
Using what I had, I put together this flower and took some photos yesterday morning in the garden, on comfrey leaves and lamb's ears, etc. Mine isn't nearly as pretty as those on the Flickr site, but maybe the next ones will be better.

Yesterday, after my doctor's appt., I stopped by JoAnn's and bought some more sheer and shiny fabrics. :) More to flowers to come.

My blood work from the other day revealed that my TSH levels had increased again. I've spent a week of total exhaustion, taking naps each afternoon because I couldn't keep my eyes open. As I suspected, my thyroid medicine needed to be upped. Should have boundless energy again soon.

Here is a beautiful animated video about dreams.


  1. Beautiful cabbage roses! I love them! I used to do some silk ribbon rosebuds and larger pansies that were sewn. You make me want to 'play in the flower beds' again. Perhaps, once the real weeding is done, I shall reward myself with some fancy fabric blossoms! I used to sew theatre costumes so I have lots of non-quilties somewhere! Always find inspiration here...always! Can't wait to see what else your imagination offers us :)

  2. That sounds like gardeing without the work ..... even the weeds can have beautiful flowers!
    Judy B

  3. Cool video. I hope you are feeling perky again soon.

  4. Michele - Thanks! It is so hot here that these flowers make a nice alternative. If you used to make costumes, I bet you have some great "sheer and shiny" stuff!

    virtualquilter - :) Yes, indoor gardening is much more comfortable at this time of year!

    rian - Hoping to be back to normal soon. Thanks!

    Debra - I'm such a sucker for the lastest crafty thing!

  5. digging the video...i'm going to ask my brother if he has tried animation...while watching this video I could see some of the characters he draws moving.

    Its good to hear you'll be back in balance very soon.

  6. that video is great, i loved how the character was transforming with every adventure.
    and this made me think of my dad.
    good thoughts to you.


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