Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Musings

Hope everyone had a good Father's Day! We had lunch with Amelia, Chris, and Bryce Eleanor--very nice, very good mimosas. Fee had a long telephone visit with Erin in B.R. and good wishes from Mila and Max.

Father's Day is a little sad for me because Laddie is so seldom "present" in any sense of the word, but I'm always thankful to have had him as a father. Alzheimer's Disease takes away so much, but can't destroy the memories.

Anyway, Fee and I enjoyed his day, even if he insisted on doing yard work in this heat.

More linen and embroidery play.
I'll be adding more to this one for a while.

The garden is taking a beating in this hot weather. We could certainly use some rain. Most of the daylilies finished a week or two ago, but these bloom a little later.


  1. I´d never touch these colours - but the way you use them has such a youthful, happy radiation...

  2. LOVING that intense neon orange. And the lovely interplay of motifs...isn't embroidery fun?

  3. ger - I'm not sure why I started playing with those oranges, but once they were in the hoop, it was fun using the red, peaches, and golds!

    ACey - It is fun. I never know where I'm going, and I'm not sure when I'll get there, but just adding stitch after stitch is great fun.


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